Apartment Refurbishment Work

South Yarra

Challenges and Solutions


Capital construction works of the common building areas, completed within a short period of time.

During the construction works, it was challenging to accommodate residents’ access to 29 apartments and make the conditions livable and safe for everyone. Splitting the project in construction stages made it possible to overcome the access issues and minimised the residents’ exposure to dust and noise pollution that made their living comfortable during the construction.

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Dmitri Grayson, of Project On Time, is someone I am very happy to recommend to others seeking a builder.

He completed refurbishment works for one of my Owners Corporation clients – an occupied 29 unit apartment building in South Yarra. Owners Corporations have their special challenges and I believe the Owners, Dmitri and myself walked away from a job that ended very well.

Dmitri was professional at all times and his company lived up to its name with our project delivered both on time and budget. He is attentive to detail, available and responsive and very easy to work with. He also proposed more economical solutions that did not compromise the design and was very honest passing the savings along to the owners.

I would be happy to work with him again.

Pamela McGirr

Architect, Tripledot…