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What motivates us as a builder and why we love what we do


Project on Time is managed by Dmitri Grayson, a registered construction professional with over 15 years of practical experience specialising in renovations, extensions and custom-build homes. Dmitri knows How – Why – What should be done to deliver a quality product that meets your needs and has low maintenance costs and a long lifecycle.

Dmitri holds a Diploma of Building and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. He received extensive training in Occupational Health and Safety, First Aid and Fire Warden. His knowledge and experience make him a confident business operator with complete control of your project whether managing construction site operations, controlling project risks, controlling project finances or controlling construction project duration.

As a registered Master Builder professional, Dmitri constantly undergoes construction training to keep his industry knowledge and skills up-to-date, making him an expert in the construction field and an expert in delivering outstanding construction products and services to his clients at low risk.



We know the construction foundations, processes and methods from A to Z!

We are passionate about applying our expertise in stage-by-stage processes, constructing foundations, erecting structural frames, installing windows and claddings, perfecting internal finishes to deliver the best product that will make us and you happy and joyful.

We feel blissful about what we build and can happily hand over the finished product to you, our client. We are happy to imagine you living in the house we build, using the space we created, appreciating the comfort we sought after and feeling grateful to us for making your home, extension or renovation a loveable place to be.

We know when you renovate, extend or build a new home, you try to create your own place of identity, the place that will be part of the family history where your family is going to live – prepare and eat meals, raise children, play and entertain friends. Connecting with your home is going to be a memorable experience! Keeping this in mind, we build to make your new home a stunning, enjoyable and worry-free place to live where you can be inspired to create your best memories.



While working in the construction industry for over 15 years, Dmitri observed many construction issues associated with misunderstanding, poor workmanship, time delays, lack of understanding in building processes, unclear building documentation that led to disputes, financial losses, and client dissatisfaction.

Dmitri thought there should be another way where construction project can be managed efficiently, giving a client a huge sense of satisfaction. Project on Time was established with the intention to build a quality product and provide a high level of service where our clients are taken care of and have a stress-free experience.  



We always strive to better understand the environment we are operating in and to improve our communication with clients, increase the quality of our service, and build better product employing innovative methods and sustainable construction practices!

To achieve this takes plenty of energy, effort and time where our constant thinking, analysis and evaluation allows us to progress and enthusiastically meet challenges in our daily practice.

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