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When you renovate or extend your house or build a new home, you create your own place of identity, the place that will be a part of the family history where your family is going to live – prepare and eat meals, raise children, play and entertain friends.

We build to make your new home a stunning, enjoyable and worry-free place to live where you can be inspired to create your best memories.

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Project On Time is a TRUSTED HOME EXTENSION and RENOVATION BUILDER in the Melbourne metropolitan area. We FOCUS ON UNDERSTANDING OUR CUSTOMERS’ NEEDS and requirements and deliver quality work, within required time and budget.

Why build with us?

We believe that construction is a complex process — without knowledge and experience, it is practically impossible to carry renovation, extend a home or build a new home with a high level of quality. You must have solid construction knowledge of foundations, installation methods, and industry regulations, and broad construction experience to manage projects efficiently and with quality. You must have an excellent eye for details to be able to depict the project design from project planning to project completion, direct contractors and supervise construction processes to achieve quality finishes. You must know all building processes and talk the tradesmen language to be able to schedule the work efficiently to finish the project on time.

That is where Project on Time’s expertise will help you! We have more than just the above skills; we have confidence to take on any difficult project and resolve all pending construction and administration issues, increasing the value of your project without blowing the budget and compromising the quality.

To learn more about our company and form your own opinion, please read about How it operates, How it was formed and What challenges us as a builder.

Below is a short summary of the benefits Project on Time delivers as your builder. Please read through and see if it meets your requirements.


Open Communication

When you build with us, we give you all our attention and ensure that we stay focused on your needs and wants.



Your project is treated with care and attention. We focus on the best possible outcome and client satisfaction.



Your project is build to last. You and your family will enjoy it for years to come.



You are guided through design and building approval stages and selection of final finishes.


Construction Expert

You receive professional services from the true construction experts.


Finishing on Time

You move in as we promise. We finish your project on time.


Construct to budget

To avoid unexpected costs, we use time-proven systems to quote, plan and manage our projects with attention to detail, time frames and costs.


Value for Money

With the focus on quality aspects of construction, we build homes with a long life cycle and dramatically reduced costly maintenance.


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As architects who specialise in high end work, we have an interest to detail and quality.

Dmitri Grayson of Project on Time always showed a keen interest in such detail and quality when he was managing a construction of a new two storey residence in Caulfield. He was always open and forthright and we had a good working relationship. We are very happy to provide this reference for him.

Russell Casper

Grodski Architects

Dmitri Grayson, of Project On Time, is someone I am very happy to recommend to others seeking a builder. He completed refurbishment works for one of my Owners Corporation clients – an occupied 29 unit apartment building in South Yarra. Owners Corporations have their special challenges and I believe the Owners, Dmitri and myself walked away from a job that ended very well.

Dmitri was professional at all times and his company lived up to its name with our project delivered both on time and budget. He is attentive to detail, available and responsive and very easy to work with. He also proposed more economical solutions that did not compromise the design and was very honest passing the savings along to the owners.

I would be happy to work with him again.

Pamela McGirr

Architect, Tripledot…

We wish to acknowledge the excellent services offered by Project on Time with the works carried out at our house in St. Kilda. Dmitri was able to arrange a number of different trades to carry out painting work, render work, bathroom and plumbing work and exterior work at our home prior to listing of the property for sale.

Dmitri was able to provide multiple trade quotes for each aspect of the job and recommend to us the most suitable tradespeople to carry out the work. Dmitri did this with a minimum of fuss and managed the trades in a professional manner at all times.

Thank you for your attention to detail and professional work!

Mark Duggan, St. Kilda