How we can help you

Whether it is a new house, extension or renovation
we can help you to build a stunning and enjoyable place to live

House Renovations

Whether you decided to renovate your kitchen, bathroom or the entire house but don’t know where to start, Project on Time is your first choice of contact. We will guide you through the entire renovation process starting from design and finishes selection to meet your budget, explaining you where and how to select the right product for your project, provide you with a project cost breakdown and explain the construction costs.

We will make your renovation exciting and pleasant where you would feel being in control making such complex and difficult decisions.

Kitchen Renovations
Bathroom Renovations

Project Management

Already selected a builder for your project but still feel intimidated by the process? We know that resolving construction issues, insufficient time to deal with the project, assessing progress claims and variations, luck of certainty that the works are carried in accordance with construction documentation and industry regulations can put you under a high level of stress.

Project on Time is here to help you to manage your project, guide you through construction processes and resolve all the issues to make the project run efficiently and stress-free.

As a registered independent building expert, Project On Time will effectively manage your construction project with the set of the following skills and responsibilities.

Coordinate the project design

We appoint and coordinate design consultants – architects, land surveyors, building surveyors, structural engineers, energy rating consultants, interior designers and town planners.

Assist you to develop project specifications and finishes schedules

We help you develop project specifications and scope of works by discussing your requirements and preparing the project brief.

Help you to obtain town planning and building permits

We submit the required design documentation to town planning and building regulated authorities and resolve town planning and adjoining owners issues.

Review construction documentation and construction contract

We review the building contract and specifications to ensure the contract includes sufficient documentation to protect your interests and avoid future potential costs escalations and disputes.

Manage contract administration of the building contracts

We liaise with a builder to manage the building contract, resolve builders queries and construction issues by holding regular project site meetings;

We approve the builder progress claims and cost variation claims to ensure the claims reflect amount of completed works and to avoid project escalation costs;

We review all labour and material costs to approve the Provisional Sums and Prime Costs;

We review extension of time claims based on the site performance and variation delays;

We speak builders’ language and can easily communicate the project requirements to avoid disputes and ensure smooth project process.

Monitor Quality Control

During the construction works, we constantly monitor the progress of the works to ensure the design specifications are achieved and statutory requirements are met.

Monitor construction time

We manage the builder with a detailed construction planning schedule to make certain the project handover is completed as planned and delays are avoided.

Manage project handover

At the project completion, we carry out the works inspection to identify and document the defects, then address them with builder and monitor rectification.