House extension and building process

Stages and steps when building, renovating or extending a house

Six stages of building a new home or house extension

Every construction project is different, whether it is a house extension, renovation or new home construction. We prepared this simplified stage-by-stage guide of the entire process, starting with the Design and finishing with the Project Handover. However, depending on the type and complexity of your project, the number of steps can vary.

1. Design

Design Feasibility Study
A process of evaluation of a proposed project. Discuss your house extension or new house construction's scope of works, budgets and specifications with your architect or building designer.

Concept Drawings
Based on the proposed project requirements, your architect will sketch a project design draft and present it for review. The building and local law regulations must be taken into consideration for new design to comply with requirements.

Planning Permit Requirements
Do you need a Planning Permit? Your local council has a set of regulations to determine whether a planning permit is required. Contact your local council for further information and determination. If a planning permit is required it must be obtained first, prior the next stage takes place. A permit application and relevant documentation must be lodged with a council building department for assessment.

2. Site Investigation & Building Permit

Site Investigation
Contact a building surveyor for the site surveying. The building surveyor will measure the site to establish site boundaries and perform a soil test to determine soil conditions for future foundations design.

Final Documentation
The following construction documentation must be finalised to proceed:
- soil test report;
- energy report;
- architectural drawings;
- construction specifications;
- engineering design.

Based on planning permit requirements and final documentation, a building permit application is lodged with a building surveyor for assessment. After the application is assessed, a building surveyor can grant a building permit or request additional information.

3. Contact Project On Time for Quotation

Meeting, Discussion & Estimate
Contact Project On Time to discuss your house extension building requirements and details and request a quote. We will assess the construction documentation and estimate the project cost.

Quotation Lodgement, Query & Acceptance
We will submit the project costs and its conditions to you for your consideration. After all details are reviewed and discussed and once you are ready to enter into contract, we will draft a contract.

4. Contract

Meeting & Signing a Contract
We prepare a contract based on the accepted quotation and construction documentation and meet with you to sign it off.

5. Planning & Construction

Insurance & Time-frame
The construction planning and works will commence after the contract is finalised, the home owners warranty insurance and required permits are obtained. A house extension or new home construction period depends on the project nature and can vary; the completion date is indicated in the contract however, some delays may occur.

6. Handover

Final Inspection
The house is considered ready for handover when it is completed and ready for use, defects are rectified and certificate of occupancy or certificate of final inspection is issued by the building surveyor. Project On Time will provide you with a handover kit where you can find the relevant information related to the warranties and building maintenance.


Your project is unique
As complexity and the scope of projects vary, it is practically impossible to estimate a project without initial site assessment and discussion of a house extension or new house construction requirements and details. Call us on 0452 568 588 to arrange a free consultation.

Six Stages of House Extension Buidling Process

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