House Extension

North Melbourne

Challenges and Solutions


Extended the house to the back of the property by creating a new kitchen, dining and living area space.

The extension design called for exposed trusses that added extra difficulty to deliver and install for the project with limited site access. The truss members and brackets were custom cut and assembled on site in trusses to resolve the delivery issue.

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As a Consulting Structural Engineer (since 1976) I worked with Dmitri on at least six building projects since 2004.

Dmitri worked in a managerial role on these projects which ranged from somewhat complicated renovations to top-end residential homes.

I have always found Dmitri to be well organised, thorough, and with a good understanding of structural aspects of building construction.

He also demonstrated the ability to read and understand structural drawings, the desire to build as documented, and liaise with us when considered necessity.

David Landy

D.M Landy and Associates, Consulting Structural & Civil Engineers